What is this thing called therapy? 

So, here we are once more, in a shared space across from one another. Does it feel like I shouldn’t be here? Like I’ll be judged a fraud or an exaggerator? That my troubles are too much to share, for fear of rejection or disgust? 

The first time we step into a therapy room can feel confusing, scary and downright odd. Have we absorbed the message that it’s weak to seek support and time for ourselves. That if we had friends we wouldn’t need a therapist. That therapy is a scam because the therapist doesn’t really care, they just want to get paid. 

What is therapy anyway?

Maybe its about the space between us. Space for any and all, space for silence, questioning, fathoming and healing. There is no judgement because judging is a waste of time. In this relationship of equals, being together, realising humanness is not bad, its Grace that takes centre stage.

No matter what has happened to us, how we’ve learned to cope or what we may feel we’ve done to others, therapy is a place to stop. To stop and be together in truth. Truth, acceptance, wisdom and new choices.

Therapy is an act of Grace, above, below, ahead, behind and within. When we walk into a therapy space, we and the other person with us enter love. 

Within heart everything becomes clear.

Words like privilege, honoured, blessed, lucky… they only scratch the surface of the Grace between us. The Grace that can transcend confusion, loss, pain and suffering. The Grace that is love. Love of our humanity. 

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