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There are some misconceptions that therapy is all about exploring your childhood – this is not always the case.  However, the therapist realises there is a vital importance around early life but it’s not the whole picture.  Individuals bring their past into the present in order to make some sense of their current difficulties and problems.  With that said there are differences between counselling and psychotherapy.  Have a look at our ‘What exactly is Counselling’ and ‘What exactly is Psycotherapy’ FAQ’s for more.

Counselling can focus on a ‘single issue’ for example, bereavement or particular addiction.  It could be a work related issue or an issue in a relationship.  Counselling can sometimes be time limited where goals maybe set as part of the counselling work.

It is important to discuss during your assessment whether counselling or psychotherapy is for you.

Normally, psychotherapy explores at depth psychological difficulties that are presented in the therapeutic relationship.  There is a consistent long term relationship between the therapist and patient which in itself becomes meaningful and can help the patient as part of the psychological work that needs to be done.

Appointments, Confidentiality, Taking the first Step...

Simply call us or you can send us an email with the best time for us to call you back and one of our counsellors will contact you then. All calls will be dealt with in the strictest of confidence.  You can also complete the form available at the bottom of each web page.

An initial assessment is all about us getting to know each other and working out how best we might be able to help.  There is no commitment past this initial meeting but it helps set out the next steps we can take together on your road to living a better life for you.

All sessions are with highly qualified, experienced therapists who have spent many years working with people experiencing difficulties in their lives.  They are all aware of, sometimes, how difficult taking the first step on your road to recovery can be and are here to help you with that.  Do contact us and have an initial assessment where you can talk about your particular issue and we can discuss the best next steps to take.

We do make a charge for all appointments, including initial assessments and our fees are listed on the Fees page here on our website.  We are able to discuss adjustments to our standard fees where circumstances dictate that is necessary – the most important thing is for us not to turn away anyone in crisis…we are here to help.

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