It is not always easy to see when your drinking habits have changed from social use to problem drinking. If you are concerned about the role alcohol plays in your life then ask yourself these questions:

  • Is one drink never enough?
  • Am I secretive or dishonest to others about the amount I drink?
  • Am I constantly thinking about when my next drink will be?
  • Am I defensive when questioned or challenged about how much I drink?
  • Do I drink alone?
  • Do I struggle to work effectively?
  • Do I drink to help me cope with difficult situations?
  • Do other people warn me about my drinking levels?


If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions then you may need to seek support in cutting down the amount you are drinking.  Often the hardest step is acknowledging that you have a problem.  However, once you have achieved this then you have taken the first step to getting better.

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