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We understand that embarking on counselling is a significant commitment both in time and finances and we try our best to keep a small number of low fee places available where appropriate.   Please discuss this option with us if you feel this might be helpful to your circumstances.

In the first instance, please contact us and arrange a confidential, initial consultation.   This first meeting is 55 minutes in duration and will give us a chance to meet, discuss what you are looking for, discuss what we could offer you and agree the next steps together.   All sessions are available at both our Headley and London practices.

You can reach us by filling in the Contact Form below or calling The Surrey Centre on 01372 377320.

We hope to hear from you.

FEE LIST (effective from 1st September 2021):

Joint Psychotherapy & Dietetic Assessment 1.5 hours – £275

Dietetic Assessment 1.5 hours – £175

(Assessment with psychotherapist and dietitian or a dietitian only to include initial treatment plan and reports to the client and GP or Psychiatrist.

After the assessment you will receive a written report outlining what to do next and follow up recommendations).

Dietetic Consultation (Headley only) 55mins – £115
Dietetic Consultation (Headley only) 30 mins – £65
One-to-One Psychotherapy 55mins – £115 (Headley) / £130 (London)
Joint Psychotherapy & Dietetic Session 55mins – £180
Dietetic & Psychotherapy Themed Groups 1.5 hours – £65
Couples Therapy 1.5 hours – £220 or 50 minutes – £125
Family Consultation 1.5 hours – £225
Telephone Sessions / Family Updates – £105
Psychiatric Consultation – £TBC

Please note that initial Psychotherapy consultations are charged at the prevailing one-on-one rate.

Healthcare Insurance

All treatment costs must be made directly to The Surrey Centre.  However, we recommend you speak to your insurance company as it may be possible to get some of your costs reimbursed depending upon your individual policy.

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